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The secret country of yourself is your unique inner cosmos, the place you visit in your dreams and fantasies. The experiences you have there reflect all that has happened and all that can happen, and when you visit your secret country with intention, you can transform your life.

This book is a gateway to your secret country. It's a tour guide for an experiential journey to your inner temple and library, your sanctuary and your shadow house.

With hands-on techniques such as spells, prayers, elemental workings, guided visualizations, and shamanistic journeys, this book's goal is

to help you know yourself, heal yourself, and become more of who you are.

"In The Secret Country of Yourself, Jenya T. Beachy takes us on a transformational journey through shadowlands and starry steppes into the deepest heart of Self. On this magickal quest you will discover and retrieve parts of yourself that you lost along the way, you will heal parts that have been hurting, and you will come out with a more complete awareness and understanding of the Secret Country within."-


-Lasara Firefox Allen, author of Jailbreaking the Goddess








Jenya has also contributed to The Witch's Athame by Jason Mankey 

and The Witch's Altar by Mankey and Laura Tempest Zakroff.

She blogs at Patheos Pagan as Dirt-Heart Witch.

She has also been a featured contributor to

Redwood Circles' The Talisman and

Community Seed's The Seed magazine.

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